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Hibernate Tutorial

Hibernate Basics

Beginners guide to learn Hibernate from scratch

What you'll learn

  • Installation of MySQL from scratch
  • CRUD operations
  • Types of Mapping
  • Eager vs Lazy Loading


Some basic SQL queries. Rest everything is covered that a beginner needs to know.


This course is a building block for anyone curious about hibernate and willing to learn the same. In short, if you are new to hibernate, this course will be very useful to you.

Hibernate is a framwork that provides the ORM Object to Relational Mapping. A framework for persisting or saving Java objects in a database. Developer has to define mapping between Java class and database table.


  1. Hibernate handles all of the low-level SQL
  2. Minimizes the amount of JDBC code you have to develop
  3. Provides the ORM Object to Relational Mapping

Pre-requisites(covered in course) :

  • 1. Java IDE
  • 2. Database Server
  • 3. Hibernate Jar files
  • 4. JDBC Driver

In this series, we will discuss following topics in a detail :
  • 1. MySQL Installation
  1. a: Download MySQL Installer
  2. b: Install MySQL
  3. c: Create Eclipse Project
  4. d: Download Hibernate ORM Jars
  5. e: Download MySQL JDBC Driver Jar
  6. f: Configure MySQL Server
  7. g: Run MySQL Scripts
  8. h: Test JDBC Connection
  • 2. CRUD operations
  1. a : Hibernate configuration
  2. b : Annote Java Class
  3. c : CRUD operation
  • 3. Types of Mappings :
  1. a. One to one Mapping (Unidirectional and Bidirectional)
  2. b. One to many Mapping (Unidirectional and Bidirectional)
  3. c. Many to many Mapping
  • 4. Eager vs Lazy Loading


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